Creative Ways to Handle Halloween Candy

1. The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch Halloween

The Switch Witch is a good witch who comes (much like the Tooth Fairy…in fact they are probably working together to save your children’s teeth!) and takes their Halloween candy only to replace it with a toy! Particularly great option if you have a child that might have a strong food allergy and needs to avoid certain candies!

2. Daily Limits

Parent Tax for Halloween Candy

Not partial to giving up their hard-earned candy (and think you have the willpower to not eat it all)? Create a 2 piece of candy/night rule! Or send 1 piece at lunch and 1 piece allowed after dinner. This way, there is no need to buy dessert for the next year and a great way to limit the daily sugar intake

Note: this rule only works for true Trick-Or-Treating enthusiasts who manage to score at least 730 Halloween candies – that’s exactly enough to have 2 pieces each night until the next October 31st rolls around. Although, realistically that number does not include the parent candy tax. So plan ahead wisely! If your left scrambling because your plans of skipping trick-or-treating have now been thwarted– check out these easy DIY costume ideas

3. Make “Treat Bags” to Give Away and #SpreadKindness

Spreadkindness with Halloween Candy

Get creative and have your child truly get involved in donating his or her candy!

What you need:

  • Brown lunch bag
  • Markers
  • Staples

Have your child draw on the paper bag or write a kind note on the bag. Fill each bag with a few pieces of candy and then staple the bag shut. Then, when you are out and about, find people who look like they could use a delightful treat that day! Not only does your child get to indulge in a creative outlet in decorating the bags or coming up with the kind notes, but they get the reward of seeing their kindness in action and how it makes other people feel!

A great all around lesson!

4. Pull a Jimmy Kimmel and Eat it All of Course!

The best part of Halloween for any parent is the day after when we get to pull or watch the funniest Halloween prank on the kids! If you are unfamiliar with this segment, every year comedic talk show host Jimmy Kimmel challenges parents to tell their children, the morning after Halloween, that they ate all of their Halloween candy. And of course, secretly record this prank before uploading the videos to YouTube with the title “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy”.

The show then quickly grabs the funniest videos they can find and puts them in a compilation that is later shown on the show! Not all the videos make it to the show so be sure to enjoy the many many hilarious videos by watching on YouTube! Many other YouTube channels have put together their own video compilations or scroll through the many video options. This will mark the 9th year of the challenge so you can imagine there is soooo much content! The best is when the kids start to catch on that Jimmy Kimmel has put their parents up to it!

5. DONATE  to One of These Great Options!

Austin Halloween Candy How to Donate

  • Donate to a Children’s Hospital

For our Austin resident’s, we love Dell’s Children Hospital but it is not clear on their website if they accept packaged food donations. However, Dell’s website points out that the Austin Ronald McDonald House does indeed accept food donations so is a great back-up option!

  • Donate to Your School

Many schools love the opportunity to collect candy donations and utilize it for later school events (our children’s school in Steiner Ranch is collecting candy for example). A great way for your child to be involved in giving back to their school!

  • Donate to a Dentists Office

Many Austin dentists offer candy trade-in programs where children can exchange their candy for cash, toys, or some other creative exchange. Call your local dental office and see if they are participating in any particular candy buyback program or hosting their own exchange! You can search this BuyBack program to quickly find a local dentist (or business) participating near you!

Visit the link above to learn more about the Treats for Troops program hosted by the Soldier’s Angels. The website is also searchable to see what local businesses are participating in the program and collecting candy to send to our troops overseas. Not only is this a great experience for the kids, as they can earn buyback prizes, but you will also receive a tax-deductible receipt for thedonation. It’s a win-win-win all around!

A Note for Our Local Austin Community:

Halloween at Austin Kids Retreat

Does your child suffer from post-sugar rush syndrome on November 1st? Sure you could try to deal with the late-night-post-sugar-high on your own…or drop your kids off at Austin Kids Retreat and we’ll handle the sugar buzz!

While we will only be open for preschool and drop-in care until 6 pm on Halloween, the next day, November 1st, we will resume normal hours!

On Fridays, Austin Kids Retreat is open for regular weekend drop-in child care hours from 7 am -Midnight. We are prepped to deal with the post-Halloween haze with lots of engaging activities and crafts to keep those busy minds pre-occupied. Or get that energy out with our fun outdoor area where kids can do our ninja warrior obstacles or engage with other kids in a game of soccer/tag.

Don’t worry about dinner- we have that covered! Austin Kids Retreat offers meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or we are happy to provide any nut-free packed meal you choose to send with your child.

We offer full-time childcare and drop-in childcare at our 5-star rated daycare and are located in the Four Points area near the Steiner Ranch Community