austin kids retreat costume ideas

Are You Halloween Party Costume Ready? If Not, No Worries!

As a childcare center, we can’t help but be creative in everything we do. And as a drop-in center, we uniquely understand why parents need easy solutions!

So we put together this list of EASY and CREATIVE Halloween costumes to help our favorite Austin parents out this Halloween!

We have some great easy DIY costumes that work for kids and parents alike! We used lots of examples with kids dressed up in these great costumes (hey childcare is our thing!) but all these costumes are easily adaptable for adult costumes as well!

Target Obsessed

Easy DIY target costumeCOSTUME DETAILS: 

+red shirt

+khaki pants

+DIY name tag

(like this ^^ one  that you can save and print!)

Bonus Points – use a target bag for their Halloween bag!

Mommy + Me

easy mommy and me costume mom baby carrier kidsCOSTUME DETAILS: 

Dress your little painter up as….comfy!

Striped Parisian inspired shirts work great

– OR dress them in a plain shirt and add some creative paint splotches to the shirt! Hand them a brush, and let your face be their canvas!

Some quick scissor work creates the frame of this masterpiece!!!

A Pineapple A Day…

DIY kids costume pineapple diy costumeCOSTUME DETAILS: 

A yellow shirt

+ black tape

+ black pants

+ green foam or construction paper

+ headband

+ and a hot glue gun! (Or order this under $10 pineapple headband from Amazon. )

Little Runner

running costume


Workout gear over pants.

Yank on those high socks.

Then print out a nifty marathon runner number!

Have a gold medal medallion? Great – now you have an Olympian on your hands!

Easy, comfortable, and reusable!

Lumber-Jack or Lumber-Jill!

lumberjack or lumberjill diy costumeCOSTUME DETAILS: 

A little face paint

+ a nice plaid shirt will do the trick for this Halloween costume!

Create an axe using cardboard and duct tape for the silver edge!

(Hint: these same materials will work for a variety of costume types 😉 )

homeless kid costume

Slow and Steady

DIY snail costumeCOSTUME DETAILS: 

Nature shaded outfit of choice

+ packing paper

+ ribbon/straps

+ piece of cardboard

+ headband

+ foam balls/pom poms, marshmallows, or even just balled up paper or tape!

Fireman to the Rescue!

DIY Fireman costume


+White shirt

+Black Pants

+Yellow duct tape to create suspenders / fire-pant look! Fold the duct tape over on itself and secure with safety pins to the pants for a more realistic suspenders look!

DIY the badge with a print out badge, cut and glued to some cut cardboard! Secure it by super-gluing a safety pin to the back of the badge

Man in Black


+Black Shirt

+Black Pants

+White Duct Tape

As easy as it gets to create this spooky little skeleton!

Art Duo


+Curly haired child

+Blue button-down and jeans

+ Facepaint



+Paintbrush prop!

Bob Ross and his work of art! Don’t have a big box to wear? Art is subjective – paint a single square of “Bob Ross art” and hang it over your neck. Paint a white shirt instead! The options are endless

DIY Lego


+ 1 Cardboard box

+ 6 plastic cups/bowls

+ hot glue

+spray paint

Dad Jokes


A plain shirt + a sharpie is a great costume for any dad who’s got jokes!





When in Doubt:

Character Pajamas will do the trick for the perfect reusable costume!!




Special Reminder!

At Austin Kids Retreat we value ourselves for being different from other Austin childcare centers. While we strive to always be open to meet the needs of our Steiner Ranch neighbors and Four Points Drop-In Childcare clients, we believe the value of Austin Kids Retreat is built not only on our facility and education standards but by our truly WONDERFUL staff!

Our staff members are highly screened so only the best of the best join our team. Many of these best of the best – well they are parents too. Therefore as much as we would love to provide childcare for your kids on Halloween – we want our Austin Kids Retreat Team to be home on this holiday night, making special holiday memories with their kids!

A happy staff is a BETTER staff!

Thank you so much for understanding and please feel free to drop-off your little ones with their post-Halloween sugar-rush, during normal hours on Friday, November 1st | 7am – Midnight.


Have a Happy Halloween!!