15 Fun Kids Thanksgiving Crafts to Decorate Your Home

One of the best parts of being a childcare facility is seeing how much creativity kids are full of! In particular, during the holiday season!

At Austin Kids Retreat truly believe children enjoy these theme-specific arts and crafts because their sweet works of art get to be shared and put on display for the entire family around the Thanksgiving table!

Here are some great ideas that we will be doing at Austin Kids Retreat in the days before Thanksgiving and ideas you can DIY at home yourself  

HINT: Hosting Thanksgiving? Busy day ahead of you? Set your child up with these crafts the day before to keep them entertained while you get the house and food ready!

EXTRA HINT: Need more uninterrupted time than the craft project allows? Don’t want crafting messes in the house you’re trying to clean? Austin Kids Retreat in Four Points will be open until 6 pm on Wednesday, November 27th for drop-in childcare and plenty of Thanksgiving-themed crafting –and other fun activities to keep your child happy and entertained! We’ve even got lunch covered if needed!

15 Thanksgiving DIY Crafts (As Recommended by a Childcare Center!)

  1. Pinecone Turkeys

Check out these variations from colorful feathers, painted cones, or trendier color palette and ‘turkey’!

Colorful turkeys instructions can be found here: https://www.livecrafteat.com/craft/how-to-make-pinecone-turkeys-with-feathers/

Trendy Turkeys: https://honestlyyum.com/7444/diy-turkey-pinecone-place-cards/

  1. Paper Bag Turkey Leg Place Card

These cute turkey legs can be stuffed full of goodies! From popcorn to whatever is leftover of your Halloween candy – make the stuffing stuff to be remembered 😉

See all the instructions on this fun Thanksgiving craft: http://www.projectdenneler.com/2010/11/brown-bag-turkey-legs.html

  1. Thankful for You Place Cards

While this craft might be self-explanatory, it’s a great activity that can be altered depending on the child’s age! Younger ones might color a beautiful picture on the inside of them and the loved one while older kids might try to write out reasons they are thankful for that person!

  1. Painted Leaf Place Cards

Bring nature inside with these beautiful place cards! Play around with paint and encourage your child to search far and wide…and you know, take their time, to find the best leaves for this cute little craft!

  1. DIY Table Runner

Hint: use hands, paint real leaves, scatter real leaves and/or use a combo of all these great ideas!

  1. Little One’s Hand + Foot Turkey

Is your little turkey a little too young to be left alone with arts and crafts activities? Well then they’re probably the perfect age to try out this cute little craft! Use these foot and handprint turkey’s as placeholders for family members and a cute keepsake to take home.

Grandparents in particular love this cute little Thanksgiving craft!

  1. Thankful Wreath (Choose a leaf shape, cut, write, and glue!)

For this craft, the original instructions suggest using a styrofoam circle. But an easier to pull off from home version of this is to use a paper plate! Cut out the center or allow your child to color the center of the plate!

Create an original stencil for your child, have them trace and cut out as many thankful leaves as you find necessary (hint: make the leaves bigger if the amount in this photo seems like too much work). Then your child can make a list of all the things they are most grateful for on each leaf. A great way to greet guests in your home.

  1. Thankful Tree

If the wreath above seems like too many steps, consider creating a Thankful tree instead! Display as artwork as in this sample: https://www.craftionary.net/thankful-tree-free-printable/

Ps, this link includes a free printable design to start your project off with!

Or use the Thankful Thanksgiving Tree as a great addition to your Thanksgiving tablescape: http://www.kissmylist.com/thanksgiving-tree/

  1. Name Cups for the Kids Table

Tis the season….for germs! Yikes, keep your kids healthy as best as you can by creating individual kids cups that are not only useful but adorable as well!

Check out the original instructions for this Thanksgiving craft here: http://divaofdiy.com/easy-kids-craft-turkey-cups/

  1. “Juice-y” Turkeys

The juice box wrapped turkey’s are too cute for words! Another easy way to dress up the table, and customize each kid’s drink – just write their name somewhere on these cute little juicy turkeys!

  1. Trace the Table Settings / Prepare the Kids Table (Trace and Set Up!)

Butcher paper is all the rage these days as a great way to create a trendy and interactive table cover. For kids not only is this a great way to protect the table and give your child a helpful Thanksgiving craft but also entertain them during the Thanksgiving meal!

Put some crayons out on the table and keep the kids’ table busy as the table becomes their very own coloring book!

  1. Rock Turkey Décor

Much like the leaf searching crafts, this craft is a great way to get your child outside for a bit to find the perfect rock to make this rockin’ turkey! As you can see above, there are many ways to get creative with this craft: https://www.craftymorning.com/decorate-rocks-turkeys-thanksgiving-kids-craft/

  1. Fall Desert Teepees

We all know Thanksgiving is all about the food! Indulge your child’s sweet nature with this sweet little Thanksgiving craft: https://www.frugalcouponliving.com/fall-ice-cream-cone-teepees/

  1. Napkin Holder Turkey

There are a few ways to accomplish this table friendly craft! Check out the tutorial here:


  1. Leaf Turkey (Kill Time! Send your kiddo off to collect leaves first)

Lastly, because we don’t have enough turkey crafts on this fun list, here’s a great way to incorporate nature, as well as gross motor skills like cutting and gluing. Use untouched leaves or repurpose leaves that have been painted for other crafts on this list to create this cute little turkey masterpiece!

And there you have it! A fun little list of Thanksgiving crafts you can easily repurpose as Thanksgiving decor around your home!

If the idea of getting supplies or putting together any of these cute crafts seems daunting to you – our drop-in childcare hours are from 7 am to 6 pm the day before Thanksgiving.

We know the Steiner Ranch schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday, but we will be open! Austin Kids Retreat hours on those days will be our normal 7 am – 10 pm.

Don’t forget -we have options for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner to keep your child well-fed during this fun week of holiday crafting! Or pack your child’s nut-free meals for us to serve!