Led by a staff of skilled educators and child development specialists, we offer much more than a glorified babysitting service. Offering a level of nurturing care and active learning that easily surpasses other local daycare centers, we strive to ensure complete peace of mind for all of our clientele, including their parents. Placing the personal needs of each child as our priority we provide a secure, safe, and encouraging setting for your child. Approaching child care from an entirely new angle, we look to change the face of Austin parents options for safe care of their children.

While we are a drop-in center, we will also be offering very competitively priced preschool programs for your 3-5-year-olds as well as a mothers day out program for your younger children to develop those socialization skills.  We will have a limited number of slots for each program as we feel a smaller more intimate learning environment is highly beneficial to the development of your child.  At AKR your child’s learning is the number one priority!