As experienced child development professionals, we understand just what Austin’s parents expect from a quality drop-in center. You expect a dedicated and passionate staff, a warm and welcoming environment and trustworthy, safe and dependable care. We believe you deserve those elements and more, and we’re committed to providing the high-quality drop-in care you need.

Backed by an extensive education in child development and boosted by experience in business leadership, we founded Austin Kids Retreat in an effort to provide local parents with a trusted and dependable resource for immediate and after-hours care. Much more than a standard babysitting service, our daycare was designed to ensure active learning through integrative play. Regardless of the time of day, you can be confident that your kids’ personal needs are being attended to by caring and responsible professionals.

Whether you need reliable supervision for just an hour while you run errands or could really use a night out with your partner, we’re the resource you’ve been looking for. We’re open until 10 p.m. on weeknights and until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. With nutritious meals available, we make your child’s visit to Austin Kids Retreat convenient and affordable for you while fun and engaging for them.


All pricing is per hour and will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour with a minimum of one hour of care.

Want to save a little money?  Consider buying in bulk! (Bulk purchase is not applicable to monthly program tuition)

We know that you work hard for your money and would like to pass some savings on to you if you plan on using our services often.  Feel free to use your prepaid hours at any point for drop-in services and meals (as long as we are not at capacity), since your prepaid dollars never expire!

Prepay Amount                    Savings

$500-$999                                   10%

$1000-$1499                               15%

$1500+                                         20%

Discover the many benefits of reliable and trustworthy drop-in care by scheduling a visit to our Austin facility now.

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*Please note a reservation is required if you are coming in after 7pm Monday-Thursday

*Reservations are required for drop-ins after 9pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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