One of the many things that preschoolers will learn while attending Austin Kids Retreat will be their colors. This is a strong piece of their educational foundation, which is why we have incorporated them into our curriculum. Though colors are certainly something that your little one will learn while attending our pre-K program, colors are something that we do to encourage parents to practice at home. In today’s blog, the team at Austin Kids Retreat in Austin, Texas, will be talking about a few of the ways that you can practice colors with your little one. Let’s jump right in!

Coloring Books

Most children are introduced to their colors because they’ve been given a coloring book at one point or another. When they’re in preschool, coloring isn’t exactly something that kids have a full understanding of. To them, it’s markers and crayons that they have free reign of, at least, on a piece of paper that is. If you want to start practicing colors at home, let your little one color. When they reach for specific colors, hand them to them while also saying the name of the color. After a while of doing this and coloring regularly, your little one will start to have an understanding of the different names of the colors. Once they do, practice by having them ask for colors instead of just reaching or grabbing them.

Color Matching

Another fantastic way to get your child familiar with colors is by having them match colors. There are a couple of different ways that you can go about having them match colors. If they’re a big fan of coloring, give them the same colors in markers and crayons. Now, ask them to match the marker and crayon that are the same color. Eventually, you can move this up to items in their toybox. Hand them a ball that is blue and have them pick out another toy that is blue in their toybox. Once they’ve developed a general understanding of colors and you have them bring you items that are the same color, chances are high that they’re going to be exposed to different shades of colors. If they’re still understanding that these shades are the same color, you can feel confident that they have a pretty thorough understanding of colors.

Mixing Colors

A more advanced lesson that preschoolers can learn but won’t always be at their developmental stage for this particular age range is mixing colors. It can be difficult to understand that when two colors are mixed together, they create a completely different color with a completely different name. If your little one has a pretty good understanding of colors, it doesn’t hurt to introduce this lesson to them. You can do this with finger or water color paint or, if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box method to teach with, use shaving cream with food dye. This is a great way for them to visualize it and see the physical change that occurs when two colors come together!

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