STEM activities are an integral part of our preschool program at Austin Kids Retreat. This should come as no surprise to parents, especially considering the number of schools across the country implementing this education into their curriculum. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of STEM education, as referenced from The Edvocate

Taps into students’ creativity

Today’s students are at their best when they have the freedom to use their creativity and ingenuity. Especially in an age of digital learning, it’s important to give preschoolers the chance to explore new ideas and worlds of their own. That’s why our teachers build in an hour every day for STEM activities. 

Increases critical thinking skills 

You might not think so, but preschool is a critical time for your child’s cognitive development. As they’ll see for themselves later in life, many learning experiences involve making mistakes. STEM education stresses the importance of failure as a part of learning, which allows preschoolers to build confidence and resilience. Trust us when we say that a preschooler who has the ability to learn from their mistakes will have a leg up on their classmates the following year in kindergarten.

Encourages teamwork   

In addition to experiencing cognitive changes, your preschooler is also building social skills during this time. Think about it — they’re making new friends, learning to share, and figuring out how to work in a group setting. Keep in mind that the end goal of a STEM activity is students figuring out how to work together and thrive in a team environment. At Austin Kids Retreat, we emphasize the importance of teamwork on a regular basis.

Encourages tech use

This might be the most obvious benefit of STEM education. For those who don’t know, STEM combines four academic disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Even in preschool, STEM activities introduce students to technology so that they feel comfortable embracing a tech-centered world the older they become.

Encourages adaptability 

This ties back to the aforementioned benefit regarding critical thinking. Whether they’re in school or the workplace, your son or daughter must be able to apply what they have learned to various scenarios. At Austin Kids Retreat, our teachers incorporate STEM activities throughout the year that encourage adaptability.

Learn More About Our Child Development Staff in Austin

At Austin Kids Retreat, we look forward to seeing the impact that STEM activities have on our students. That said, our child development program involves more than a particular curriculum. From the moment your child walks into our facility, we want them to feel safe and secure.

We are currently enrolling for all programs, including preschool, at Austin Kids Retreat. A typical day at our child development center involves free play, STEM activities, art, outside play, and quiet activities, with snacks and lunch in between. Our staff is backed by more than 25 years of teaching experience, so you can rest easy knowing that your child is being taken care of by the best in the business.

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