Cooler temperatures have finally arrived here in Austin. Whether you’ve lived in the area for a few months or a few decades, you know that autumn provides ample opportunities to spend time with family. We thought it would be good to list some fun fall activities for your preschooler in this post.

Here are our favorites:


Go to an orchard

Fall and freshly picked apples go hand in hand. We’re willing to bet your kiddo will absolutely love visiting an orchard for the first time. Plus, who can say no to homemade apple pie and/or cider?

Rake the leaves

Who says that raking the leaves can’t be fun? Consider getting the whole family together and raking the leaves into a giant pile. Then, you guessed it, take turns jumping!

You can even put the leaves in Halloween-themed bags to add to the fun. This year, think of raking as a potential family activity as opposed to just another Saturday afternoon chore.

Go on leaf walks

There are lots of ways to appreciate the season’s changing colors. One of them is a nature walk. Don’t be surprised when your son or daughter points out the golds, reds, and browns along the way.

This is a great opportunity to talk to your child about fall foliage and why the leaves change colors this time of year.

Visit a pumpkin patch

No autumn season is complete without visiting a local pumpkin patch. Here in Austin, there are countless ones to choose from, including a bunch that offer kid-friendly activities. Encourage your child to select both a large pumpkin (for carving) and another smaller one to see the difference in size.

Head to a farm

Sometimes your family just needs some good old-fashioned farm fun. Whether it’s a nearby farm or an actual autumn festival, you can’t go wrong with this activity. Your child might even be able to go on tractor rides or pony rides.

Child Development in Austin

Fall can be an incredibly busy time for families. This is where the staff at Austin Kids Retreat comes into play. With more than 25 years of combined experience in child development, you can count on us to look after your kiddo while you get things done.

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Many parents are skeptical about drop-in daycare because of the price. There’s no need to worry about outrageous costs at Austin Kids Retreat. When we established our child development center, we made it a point to emphasize affordable options for parents.

We look forward to Austin Kids Retreat being the area’s No. 1 drop-in daycare for years to come. If you’ve never been to our facility, the autumn season is the perfect time to check it out.

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