Time flies, doesn’t it? Just a few years ago, your little one was learning how to walk. Fast forward and it’s time to look for a preschool. Here’s the thing: the best preschools foster growth through active learning. They focus on the individual needs of each child and provide age-appropriate education that encourages creativity, independence, and active participation. Simply put, a preschool lays the foundation for future academic success and overall development. Here at Austin Kids Retreat, we understand that searching for the perfect preschool can be a bit daunting. Here are five tips to consider as you make your decision:

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  1. Spend time observing – Most schools conduct tours on a fairly regular basis. If you really want to check out the environment your child could be in, observing is a must. This is your chance to get a firsthand look at everything in the school. In addition to meeting some of the teachers and principal, pay attention to things such as bulletin boards, classroom supplies, books, etc.
  2. Ask about the educational philosophy – It doesn’t take long to get a feel for the staff and school itself. Don’t sign the registration yet, though. Make it a point to ask how the school approaches learning. While some rely primarily on play and social interaction, others might lean on the development of reading and math skills.
  3. See if the children work more together or individually – At this stage, your child needs regular opportunities for both independent play and group instruction. Feel free to ask a teacher if students do the same project at the same time. If they say yes, follow up with a question of whether individual interests are also accommodated. Discuss with the staff if you’re at all concerned that your child’s learning style won’t mesh with the teaching.
  4. Determine how conflict is resolved – Things happen every now and then at preschool. A child doesn’t want Mom to leave in the morning and proceeds to cry for an hour. Maybe two students have a hard time sharing a toy later in the day. You get the idea. Sound conflict resolution strategies are essential at the best preschools in Austin. If instructors aren’t teaching social-emotional skills, a red flag should go up.
  5. Make sure it’s accredited – Child care centers, daycares, and preschools must be accredited by the state, district, or other organizations. Just know that standards vary from state to state.

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At Austin Kids Retreat, we go above and beyond to ensure an enjoyable experience for your child. For your convenience, we offer traditional child care, drop-in daycare, and preschool. Austin Kids Retreat is more than just a safe place to leave your son or daughter for a few hours. Frankly, with the variety of available resources, we like to think of our facility as a mini children’s museum.

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