Woo it’s almost 2020!

Can we all relate to this meme right now?!


While keeping the kid’s up until Midnight may not seem ideal, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the New Year. Indulge in some drop-in childcare and bring your kiddo over to Austin Kids Retreat! Or stay home and get your craft hat on as you make the day exciting with a Kid’s Noons Year’s Eve Party!

(Or host a New Years Eve kids party early on and adjust the clocks so the countdown is set for midnight…when it’s really lights out by 8pm 😉 )

Countdown Bags

No matter what time you decide to get the party started, these bags are customizable to the size of the group of kids, age, and desired activities!

Some great ideas for things to put in the bags:

  • sparklers
  • play-dough with glitter mixed in
  • glow sticks (make a ring toss style game or just wear them!)
  • craft activities for DIY NYE glasses or headbands
  • materials to do any of the crafts or activities you find on this blog! 

UpCycle Your Christmas Tree

Give your Christmas tree a second life! Remove the Christmas decorations and turn your Christmas tree into a NYE Tree! Balloons, tinsel, and shiny decorations galore!

As an extra fun bonus, consider adding fun surprises to the balloons – coins, dollars, candy, etc. Things that will make the ball drop (and balloon POP) all that more exciting and fun!

BONUS IDEA: DIY Resolution Ornaments. 

Make resolutions with your kids or simply wishes for the new year. Write them out and create your own resolution ornaments to hang on the tree!

DIY Balloon Drop!

3…2…1….Happy New Year! Make the ball drop a balloon drop and the countdown all the more exciting with this easy activity.

Simply blow up balloons and use shower curtains, saran wrap, trash bags, or my personal preference dollar store party table clothes to hold the balloons until showtime.

Attach a string that can be tucked up throughout the day but is long enough that when you drop it down, the kids can be the ones to pull and unleash the fun!!

See the full tutorial on how these fun parents did their DIY NYE Balloon Drop

DIY NYE Time Square Ball

This craft is pretty self-explanatory!

Using a wooden dowel and a styrofoam ball as your base, simply apply gems of your desired color/style with hot glue to make your own NYE Time Square Ball!

Don’t have time to run out and get a styrofoam ball? DIY your own – roll up aluminum foil and glue to that. As a bonus the foil will serve as a “shiny” backdrop to your Time Square ball display!

Hang up the balls when complete or have the kids wave them around and commence a fun dance party!

DIY Confetti Poppers


  • Balloons
  • Tubing (we recommend toilet paper tubes or empty wrapping paper tubes)
  • Tape of various sizes for securing the balloon and for decorating if you wish
  • Colored paper for decorating {optional}
  • Stickers {optional}
  • Confetti! Definitely not optional.

See the full tutorial here 

NYE Slime

Is it even 2019 if you don’t end the year making more beloved slime?!

This glitterific batch of slime also contains the remnants of cut-up beaded party necklaces. Not only is this a fun activity for kids, it can also be a great take-home item if you end up throwing a little kids NYE get-together!

See the full NYE Slime Tutorial here 

NYE Noise Makers

Because kids who have eaten a lot of sugar and are staying up late with friends aren’t noisy enough…consider adding to the chaos with these fun indoor noise makers!! Kids can rattle and shake these as each hour passes or save the grand finale for when the [potentially hypothetical] ball drops!

See the easy full tutorial for these NYE Noise Makers here

NYE Pom Pom Hat 

You Will Need:

  • Party hat template – Download
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon scissors

How To:

  1. Cut the strips of wrapping paper put through a shredder.
  2. Tie the paper strips in the middle using a yarn or ribbon.
  3. Tell your kid to trim the paper strips to form a pompom.
  4. For the hat, download and cut out the template.
  5. Form a cone and secure with hot glue.
  6. Dot the point of the hat and affix the pompom on the top of the hat.

NYE Toast

We have a few ideas for your NYE toast! 

First, create your very own mocktail with sparkling white grape juice – drop some gummy bears at the bottom for a festive and colorful drink to toast the New Year with!

Second, utilize any leftover Christmas cookies (presuming there’s any left ha!) for a milk and cookies toast!

Third, too many kids around to offer up open drink cups to? Celebrate the NYE Kiss Tradition with these kid-friendly “NYE Kisses”….Hershey’s Kisses that is!

And there you have it! A plethora of ideas and crafting to make your NYE day special! Find these ideas and the concept of confetti all-over your house exhausting? Let us handle the NYE Crafting! Bring your kids into Austin Kids Retreat on Dec 31st, NYE and we promise to out-craft and tire them out so by the time midnight rolls around – no Austin Firework display around could wake them up!

Austin Kids Retreat will be open until 10pm on New Years Eve. We serve lunch and dinner if requested (or bring your nut-free meal in) – so consider your early NYE covered! We are located in the Four Points area of Steiner Ranch and look forward to having the best time with your children!!

Not only are we open on NYE…we open at normal hours – 7 AM on New Years Day! Maybe loud noises the day after New Years Eve isn’t necessarily your “thing” – we can help get all the holiday break energy out! We offer breakfast – lunch – dinner options for your kids and little ones can enjoy a quiet nap time in the theater room midday!

Not only is Austin Kid’s Retreat a drop-in childcare center, we also offer a preschool and pre-k program! Enrollment is not locked in like a traditional school year program, so whether it’s a month to month or year round, a 5-day or a 1-day program, we have a program that can be tailored to your needs. Visit our website today to learn more about Austin Kids Retreat and schedule a tour of our 5-Star STEM Austin Childcare Center!