The holiday season is officially upon us. For your preschooler, this time is often associated with fun presents, extra sweets, and family gatherings. Unfortunately, there will likely also be some moments when your son or daughter gets overtired or cranky.

Here are five ways to ensure that your little one gets the most out of this special season:

Teach them about gifts

Nothing beats watching a child open their special holiday present. The tearing of wrapping paper, the anticipation, and finally, the joy on their face when they realize what the present actually is. However, as you well know, gifts should never be the focus.

Now is a great opportunity to teach your child about giving as opposed to just receiving. Have them go with you as you shop for family and friends. You can even go so far as to participate in a local toy drive, explaining to your child the importance of giving to those in need.

Ask them to help around the house

Overwhelmed by the number of holiday shindigs you’re hosting? Whether it’s baking cookies with grandma, enjoying coffee with friends, or having the entire family over for Christmas dinner, you obviously want your place to look incredible. This is where your little helper comes into play.

Granted, they may not be ready to wrap presents or hang icicle lights quite yet. But there’s always something your preschooler can do as you make those final preparations. Not only will they enjoy feeling included in the process, but they won’t be glued to their electronics for hours on end.

Get crafty with them

There are tons of kid-friendly holiday craft ideas online. Maybe your son or daughter would enjoy making their own Rudolph, Santa, or snowman. Not to mention, crafts will get their wheels turning outside of the classroom.

Parents would agree that crafting is the perfect way to spend time with your kiddo during this hectic season. Projects don’t have to take up the whole day, either. Consider spending a few hours on a project and then relaxing on the couch with some fun holiday-themed movies.

Maintain routines as much as possible

Kids, much like adults, find routines comforting. Remember that during the holidays, it’s rare to have the same plans two days in a row. The constant straying from everyday routines can ultimately cause stress for your child.

Here at Austin Kids Retreat, we understand the challenge of maintaining routines during the holidays. Our advice? Regardless of how busy this season may be, take some time every day to relax and decompress with your son or daughter.

For some parents, this might mean reading a favorite bedtime story. Others, meanwhile, may choose to give their kid some special attention during an event or gathering.

Be patient with them

Many holiday traditions depend on kids being on their best behavior. With that in mind, do yourself and your child a favor by not scheduling more than one demanding event in a day.

If there comes a time this season where you just need a few hours to yourself, remember that Austin Kids Retreat is open extended hours. Our Austin child care center incorporates active learning with fun, physical play in a comfortable and secure environment.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming every child care center is the same. Austin Kids Retreat has you covered when it comes to drop-in daycare and child development.