It’s hard to believe Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. If you’re not sure how to celebrate this holiday with your children, the Austin Kids Retreat staff can help. Here are five ideas for making this Valentine’s Day a special one for both you and your little one:

Make themed meals for the day

How cool would it be to start a tradition of preparing Valentine’s Day themed foods? Whether you want to get fancy or stick with something simple, there are countless dishes perfect for this day. One idea is to use a heart cookie cutter for Valentine’s Day French toast. Add a special touch to this breakfast with red berries and powdered sugar.

Be sure to continue the holiday fun at dinnertime! You can choose from heart-shaped meatloaf, heart-shaped pizzas (trust us, they’re out there), and other popular choices. Whatever themed meals you choose to make, remember to have fun and cherish this precious time with your children.

Create Valentine’s Day decorations

This day wouldn’t be complete without some homemade decorations. You and your tyke will love making paper hearts and putting them on walls and windows throughout the house. In terms of valentines, why not take some time to make your own?

Do something good for someone else

Society often associates Valentine’s Day with romance and not much else. However, at its core, the holiday revolves around love and compassion. So then why not use this holiday as a chance to do something good for someone else?

Maybe you have a family friend or neighbor who’s having a rough time and could use some Valentine’s Day cheer. You and your child will be amazed at the kind of impact a bouquet of flowers and a homemade card can have on someone else.

Enjoy a family movie night

As a reminder, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year. So while you may not want to stay up very late, consider watching at least one family-friendly flick to celebrate the holiday. You can’t go wrong with Disney, whether it’s “Beauty and the Beast,” “Ever After,” “Lady and the Tramp,” or something similar.

Read a Valentine’s Day book at bedtime

There’s no better way to wind down the holiday than with a Valentine’s Day themed bedtime story. You’ll find that, similar to movies, there are a number of book options to choose from. We’re certain you and your kiddo will love this quality time together at the end of such a fun day!

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