It’s hard to believe we’re already several weeks into the summer. That means it’s time to get outside and create memories with your little one. Don’t forget though, that what seems like simple activities can actually help your son or daughter develop physical abilities such as hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Here are five summer activities for kids aged 3 to 5:

  1. Ride a bike – Before going on any further, it’s worth reminding parents that every child develops at a different pace. So don’t be alarmed if your child still requires training wheels while some of their neighborhood friends may not. The important thing is to get them on a trike or bike and get them moving. Before purchasing a bike for your preschooler, double-check that it’s age- and size-appropriate. Most importantly, provide them with the necessary safety gear and discuss bike safety before getting started.
  2. Play with a ball – It doesn’t matter if it’s a baseball, basketball, football, soccer ball, or something completely different. Various skills are required whether a child throws, catches, or kicks a ball. Keep in mind that it takes some time for a preschool-aged child to develop hand-eye coordination. Encourage your son or daughter to use both hands and feet when playing with a ball. This will lessen the chance that one side of their body becomes significantly more dominant than the other.
  3. Blow bubbles – Nothing beats having a nice picnic and blowing bubbles with your preschooler. It might seem pretty straightforward, but blowing bubbles requires some skill. What do we mean exactly? Well, your child’s lips have to be in the right position and they have to blow the correct way in order to form bubbles. This activity is fun for the whole family, so try to get everyone involved!
  4. Fuel their creativity with sidewalk chalk – Does your child love to draw? The summer season allows your kiddo to make the outdoors their personal canvas. Yes, we’re talking about sidewalk chalk and paint. Both cost just a few bucks and provide endless hours of fun. Not to mention, this is a great way for your child to tap into his or her creativity.
  5. Go for a nature walk – Tired of the usual summertime activities and need something different? Then why not take your son or daughter on a stroll where there are scenic views? You can even encourage them to point out interesting plants, flowers, and animals along the way. You might soon find out that your son or daughter loves nature.

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