1. 5 Spring Break Activities to Do at Home 

    I don’t know about you but when I was a kid, spring break always had special memories for me! It was a time to connect with my family, travel to new places, and really just create some special moments together as a family  However, with the recent coronavirus, Covid-19,  concerns, many of our Au…Read More

  2. Child STEM activities

    How to Teach Your Child the Scientific Method

    Everyday life seems to get more and more complicated. New technology is being developed around the world at breakneck speed and our environment seems to mirror visions of the future from old movies more and more. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself questions like, “How did we get here?” or,…Read More

  3. Fun STEM Activities to Try at Home

    When it comes to modern day education, one thing is for sure: science, math, technology and engineering are incredibly important. STEM programs have become increasingly popular in schools across the country and encourage children to utilize the lessons they learn from each of these learning paths on…Read More