1. Rose and Thorn: How to Teach Gratitude to Your Children

    While many of our loyal preschool families know me as the owner of Austin Kids Retreat, two really important people know me as something else: mom.   And as all mom’s (& dad’s) know – being a parent is not without struggle. Whether it’s trying to get your child to communicate about thei…Read More

  2. 15 Fun Kids Thanksgiving Crafts to Decorate Your Home

    15 Fun Kids Thanksgiving Crafts to Decorate Your Home One of the best parts of being a childcare facility is seeing how much creativity kids are full of! In particular, during the holiday season! At Austin Kids Retreat truly believe children enjoy these theme-specific arts and crafts because their s…Read More

  3. Must Have Daycare Items as Seasons Change

    Welcome back to the Austin Kids Retreat blog! With the cold weather really settling in these days, we figured what better topic to write about than the change of seasons. As the individuals caring for your little ones, we want nothing more than to know that we are fully prepared for anything that co…Read More

  4. Creative Ways to Handle Halloween Candy

    Creative Ways to Handle Halloween Candy 1. The Switch Witch The Switch Witch is a good witch who comes (much like the Tooth Fairy…in fact they are probably working together to save your children’s teeth!) and takes their Halloween candy only to replace it with a toy! Particularly great option if…Read More

  5. austin kids retreat costume ideas

    Creative EASY DIY Costumes for Kids and Parents

    Are You Halloween Party Costume Ready? If Not, No Worries! As a childcare center, we can't help but be creative in everything we do. And as a drop-in center, we uniquely understand why parents need easy solutions! So we put together this list of EASY and CREATIVE Halloween costumes to help our favor…Read More

  6. October 26th events in Austin for kids

    Austin Kids Retreat Halloween Bash October 2019

    Hey Austin – Looking for Fun Kid-Friendly Halloween Events to do this October? Austin Kids Retreat has the Perfect Halloween Event for Your Child! Introducing our first-ever Austin Kids Retreat Halloween Bash! When: Saturday, October 26th, 6-10pm at Austin Kids Retreat in the Four Points area Who…Read More

  7. What Every Daycare Must Have

    As a parent, you go above and beyond to ensure the happiness and well-being of your child. So when the time comes to choose a daycare, you’re willing to spend endless hours trying to find the right one for your son or daughter. Our Austin child care team is here to tell you that this doesn’t hav…Read More

  8. Benefits of STEM Learning

    STEM activities are an integral part of our preschool program at Austin Kids Retreat. This should come as no surprise to parents, especially considering the number of schools across the country implementing this education into their curriculum. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of S…Read More

  9. Our Top Family-Friendly Summer Adventures

    Now that June is finally here, it’s time to start planning your summer adventures with the family! Here at Austin Kids Retreat, we know how much of a challenge it can be to find events suitable for all ages. Think of this latest blog post as your guide to summer in Austin (source: Do512 Family). R…Read More