1. Easy Healthy Kid-Friendly Weeknight Dinners

    One of the hardest parts of parenting...feeding healthy home-cooked meals every. single. night. Not only that but how on earth can you make a healthy meal without spending 2 hours cooking and cleaning in the kitchen every night??! As the owner of Austin's top-rated childcare center, Austin Kids Retr…Read More

  2. Fun STEM Activities to Try at Home

    When it comes to modern day education, one thing is for sure: science, math, technology and engineering are incredibly important. STEM programs have become increasingly popular in schools across the country and encourage children to utilize the lessons they learn from each of these learning paths on…Read More

  3. How to Handle a Picky Eater

    As the owner of Austin Kids Retreat, Austin’s top childcare center, I get to hear and see it all! Many of our preschoolers and drop-in childcare visitors come into our facility with not only excitement to play - but a list of behaviors that are unique to each child. No problem, being in the child …Read More

  4. getting rid of old toys without a meltdown

    Getting Rid of Old Toys Without the Meltdown

      As a childcare facility owner, and as a mom, I’m more than acquainted with the “toy meltdown”. At our Steiner Ranch located children’s center, Austin Kids Retreat, we deal with toy meltdowns daily as new children try out our drop-in childcare and discover all the excitement our "new-to-th…Read More

  5. Practicing Colors with Your Preschooler

    One of the many things that preschoolers will learn while attending Austin Kids Retreat will be their colors. This is a strong piece of their educational foundation, which is why we have incorporated them into our curriculum. Though colors are certainly something that your little one will learn whil…Read More

  6. New Years Resolutions with Kids + Free Download

    Creating resolutions on New Years Day is an annual tradition I always look forward to with my kids. As they get older it's really interesting to sit and hear their thoughts on the things they would like to explore and learn. Not only do we enjoy getting creative with writing out or drawing our resol…Read More

  7. NYE Kid’s Crafts and Activities

    Woo it's almost 2020! Can we all relate to this meme right now?! 👇👇👇 While keeping the kid's up until Midnight may not seem ideal, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the New Year. Indulge in some drop-in childcare and bring your kiddo over to Austin Kids Retreat! Or stay home and get you…Read More

  8. Christmas Eve and Day Traditions to Try

    One of the best parts of having a childcare center (other than crafting and DIYing and pretty much playing all day!) is hearing from the kids - who visit our Drop-In Center or attend our Pre-School - about all of the fun and unique Christmas Traditions they have! As a fun way to share all the wonder…Read More

  9. Elf on the Shelf: Should You Do It + 24 Ideas!

    The holiday season is upon us. It’s a really magical time of year and we can’t even tell you how much we enjoy the holiday season with our preschoolers and drop-in childcare visitors at Austin Kids Retreat. As much as we enjoy crafting the days away with them, we also love hearing different ways…Read More